Sunday, May 25, 2008

Will this be a banner year for you?

Do you need to create banners for your courses? Check out BannerFans! This site has a lot of very good features, and is free (of course, read the Terms of Service for what's permitted).

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By the way, I created the graphic accompanying this post using BannerFans.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Become one of the Townspeople!

LearningTown is a new Ning network started by Elliott Masie, noted training expert. This network is dedicated to learning, and has many members and groups that are eLearning-oriented.

Please take a look around, and if interested, sign up! Once signed up, you are encouraged to join the LearningTown Courseware Development Group by clicking the L'town link on this blog, under the Group Scoreboard.

For more on Elliott Masie, please click this link.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some Antics are Better Than Others

I (along with a lot of others) am currently beta-testing Twine, a new network which, to quote their site, is "powered by semantic understanding".

Again, per their site, "Twine automatically organizes information, learns about your interests and makes connections and recommendations. The more you use Twine, the better it understands your interests and the more useful it becomes.". For a good definition of a semantic network, please see this Wikipedia entry.

One good feature is the group setup (groups are referred to as twines). Postings to one twine can be shared with another twine, if you're a member of both twines in question.

Please note that to join Twine, you either have to click the Register for Beta link on the Twine home page (this may put you on a wait-list due to Twine's popularity), or someone has to invite you (that's how I got in - if interested, contact me via email, LinkedIn, etc. - I have a few invites).

Last but not least, if you do join Twine, please also join the Courseware Development Twine (the link will be posted shortly under the Group Scoreboard).

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Check out these groups!

Not quite "grouped out" yet? Take a look at the following groups, and if interested, join!
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