Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Malware Warning is GONE

As some of you may know, any attempt to link to this blog during the last week was met with a redirect to a Malware Message page.

After much frustration, including requests for help on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., it finally dawned on me to do the following:

The malware message page included an option to check a box to proceed anyway, at my own risk. In no way am I recommending that you do so in a similar circumstance (this is completely up to you), however, since I have very good confidence in my security software, I took the chance. Also, the malware was being reported on a linked-to site (, not this site.

I then looked for the offending site, found it on the Blogroll, and removed it from the Blogroll. All is working OK now - yay!

The Group Scoreboard is now also up-to-date.

Thanks for your patience - Ted

P.S. - if any of you know the owners of the designers-x site, please notify them that they have a malware problem.