Monday, May 31, 2010


OK, folks, enough with the gloom and doom already...

IT4ALL (Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning) has moved off of Ning (presumably due to pricing issues) and now has its own site! From the About page:

IT4ALL website was established on November 22, 2006 as an open and not-for-profit website. Initially, the site was built around Moodle, a course management system with the name, Integrating Technology: Exploring New Domains (IT-END). On August 2009, IT-END started offering Moodle for Teachers (M4T) workshops and took on a new look and name: Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL).

Today, IT4ALL Moodle provides free online workshops in professional development, formal and informal education, collaborative instruction and learning, and lifelong learning. The workshops are run by experienced online facilitators who volunteer their services. Access to the pages on IT4ALL Moodle is free and open to all. The site carries no advertising, nor do any of the links to other sites involve sponsorship or payment. The site currently has a one time registration fee of $39 for some of the workshops. However, scholarships are available to anyone who cannot afford the registration fee.

In addition to the IT4ALL Moodle workshops, IT4ALL has expanded and now includes a social network, a IT4ALL Wiki, individual and group mentoring services, web hosting, consultation, and support.

The aim of the the social network is to build a community of learners and educators for the purpose of connecting and engaging people of all cultures in collaborative lifelong learning.

The web hosting is an additional service IT4ALL provides for educators and organizations who wish to create courses using Moodle, Joomla, Forums, Blogs, and MediaWikis. The team at IT4ALL also provide specialized web hosting & installation of VLE, ongoing support and consultation on technology and pedagogy related subjects.

This is a very good social network! For more information, please visit the IT4ALL website. Thanks, Nellie!


The BrightFuse Courseware Development Group has apparently temporarily disappeared. Note that both the Evri and BrightFuse CwDev links will not work properly until when and if these matters are resolved.

Twine has been absorbed by Evri...

And the twines (semantic networks) created by individuals (such as the Courseware Development Twine) have apparently disappeared. I have a request into Evri to see if this information can be recovered.

Please click this link for more about Evri.