Thursday, February 7, 2013



What is Sophia? It is a platform for posting tutorials for various academic subjects, in video, PowerPoint, or PDF format. Where did they get the name? No idea - maybe the originator is a fan of "The Golden Girls"?
  • How much does it cost a student to use Sophia? Nothing. 
  • How much does it cost a teacher to post a tutorial on Sophia? Nada. 
  • How much can a teacher make via Sophia? Zilch.
  • What's the potential for positive name recognition if you post a useful tutorial on Sophia? Priceless.
Take a look at the website:

I've viewed a couple of tutorials so far, including a very good one called Conditional Formatting in Excel, which contains slide and video content. It is very easy to search for tutorials on your favorite subject.

I hope to create a tutorial myself soon. Why do it, if you can't make money via Sophia? Free advertising - you are allowed to mention your business in the tutorial description, as the author of the example above does.

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Thanks - Ted