Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Do-it-yourself eLearning

Recently, my vehicle wouldn't start, so assuming the battery had drained, I decided to jump-start it with another vehicle. I followed these steps:
  • Googled 'how to jump start a car'
  • Visited this site
  • Printed the relevant pages
  • Successfully did the jump-start
  • Drove the vehicle, parked it, tried to start it again, and the battery drained again
It then became apparent after inspecting the battery that the battery probably needed replacement. To disconnect the old battery, and connect the new one, I followed these steps.

  • Googled 'how to disconnect a car battery'
  • Watched this YouTube video
  • Disconnected the old battery and took it to the store
  • Had them test it, and, after confirming its demise, bought the new battery
  • Googled 'how to connect a car battery'
  • Watched this YouTube video
  • Installed the new battery, drove the vehicle, parked it, and it started OK!
The moral of this story is not that I got my vehicle running again - it's that eLearning is all around you, even in this informal form!