Thursday, April 16, 2009

iMoodle and Moodlers - New Ning Groups

I just joined two new Ning-Based Moodle groups: iMoodle and Moodlers - the badges are below:

All the usual Ning features are here, including setting up a "My Page" specific to each group. If you are already in other Ning groups, you can join without building an initial profile. If you like either or both of these groups, join and invite others!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NineHub - Moodle - BannerFans

Announcing the latest greatest fantastilicious Moodle course!

NineHub is a very good site for building Moodle courses. BannerFans is a very good site for building banners. Why not combine the two? The result is:

Please try this course, and put all suggestions and comments in the course's Discussion Forum. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Blogroll is not something you get at the bakery

Do you have, or know of, any good blogs related to courseware development? If so, please post them here, and if they appear to be relevant to this blog, I'll add them to the Blogroll (located just below the Blog Archive).

Thanks in advance for your contributions!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

deLearning - the new Learning

Dear Readers,

It is my sad duty to inform all of you that eLearning has been abolished, effective immediately. After a careful review by some of the most well-respected minds in business and academia, this decision was made, for the good of mankind and other forms of life.

To undo the abject harm caused by the use of computers in the learning process, a new technique has been developed: deLearning. This technique will encourage all people to ditch the convenience of online learning to go back to doing things the way they were done for thousands of years. An application has already been placed with the United States Treasury to use some of the stimulus money to acquire old abacuses, slide rules, and other non-energy-expending (think green!) devices from museums and return them to active use. Also, as part of this new program, bean counters everywhere will have to use real beans. Last but not least, everyone will be taught how to use their fingers to count again (those with disabilities will be accommodated).

deLearning support groups will be set up. These will meet (in person, of course!) in small groups - a typical introduction will go something like this: "My name is Ted and I learn stuff over the computer" - the rest of the people will respond, "Hi Ted". Computer deprogrammers are also encouraged to attend these meetings to help the members overcome this gripping addiction.

Finally, since deLearning is in its infancy, please feel free to post any suggestions here that the Committee may be able to use to fine-tune the process. It is April now - all ideas are appreciated, from wise folks and from Fools.

Your humble blogger, Ted