Monday, March 9, 2009

tweetworks Courseware Development Group

For those of you on Twitter: since Twitter doesn't have a Groups capacity in its own right, I've set up a branch of the Courseware Development Group on tweetworks - please click this link to join, or to just look around. Thanks - Ted


Edward said...

Instead of using Tweetworks and forcing everyone to join yet another CD group, why not use a hash tag to denote posts from and for group members?

Hash tags #CDGRP, #CDEV, #CDevG, and #CourseDev are available. Unfortunately, #CDG is being used by people interested in Charles DeGaulle Airport north of Paris.

Remember: Twitter is limited to 140 characters so shorter is better when defining hash tags.

Ted Kopp said...

Hash tags? What are these? I've not seen them - where do they appear in a Twitter message? You also mention certain tags being available - from whom? How do I get a tag? How do I use it?

Also, nobody is forced, or required in any way, to join any CD group - all membership in all of these groups is totally voluntary!

Edward said...

First, I know everything is voluntary. I've voluntarily joined a lot of groups. I used the word "forcing" simply to indicate that if one wants access to the content provided to members, one needs to join. With Twitter, we don't need to join anything. In fact, it is better that Course Development traffic is public because it lets everyone interested in CD see that the group exists and that they can become a part of it.

Hash tags are not like domain names. There is no registration. Simply do a Twitter search for a string of letters starting with # and see if there are any posts that contain that string. If not, just tweet: Course Development people: Let's use #CDEV as our hash tag. Bingo -- it's yours to use forever more. Why? Because no one wants their traffic muddied with someone elses. Do a twitter search on #LNC. I defined that hash tag for people in the Linking Northern California networking group to find posts by LNC members for LNC members. You'll see how people place that hash tag in their posts.

Finding posts by members is easy -- do a twitter search for the hash tag and then make an RSS feed from the search. Now, every time someone uses that hash tag you will get the entry in your feed.

Once you start everyone using the CD hash tag for CD-related posts on Twitter, the group gets all the benefits of "membership" without having to join anything other than Twitter.

Again, I know joining groups is voluntary but Twitter allows us to have a group within the larger population of Twitter users, all by simply sticking #CDev in all posts meant for our group. Everyone can see the posts and comment, thus expanding the sphere of CD people. This is the beauty of Twitter.

Ted Kopp said...

Thanks - #cwdev is the new hash tag - just established it on Twitter. You can follow me at tedkopp.