Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's the Latest, it's the Greatest, it's the...

LearningExpress Library! If you are a member of your local public library, you may have free access to LearningExpress. This site has a lot of online training, in diverse subjects such as courses for students (elementary school through college), MS-Office products (2003 and 2007), job search help, even US Citizenship preparation!

One glitch that they are supposedly going to fix - you can't save your place in the MS-Office courses, so you need to keep track of your own progress. Otherwise, these courses seem very comprehensive. If you are doing a computer class, it does help to have access to two computers - one to take the class, one to actually try out what you are learning.

If you've tried a LearningExpress class, please post your thoughts here.

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Winter13 said...

thats cool i am going to check it out