Sunday, March 21, 2010

Speak Softly, but Tweet Loudly!

The squeaky tweet gets the grease! After posting a message within the Tweetworks CwDev group that I intended to abolish the group due to lack of interest, I got the following response from Mark Langford, head and founder of Tweetworks:

"Don't go anywhere my friend! The new Tweetworks release is happening very soon."

This kind of personal interest is rare, and appreciated. I did follow up with a request for more information on what is in the new release, and what the advantages are over Twitter lists. However, I thank Mark very much for his response, and the Tweetworks group will continue to exist, hopefully with a lot more members.

More about Mark can be found at this link.

1 comment:

Mike Langford said...

Hey there! Thanks for the post.

We will be rolling out our iPhone app very shortly as well as enhancing the overall experience.

You are going to love it!