Tuesday, March 4, 2008

eLearning can be fun - really!

What have you done to make the training you create more enjoyable for the learner? How do you balance fun vs. silly? How do you keep things from getting too juvenile, or too boring, for adult learners?

Please post your thoughts (including any links and graphics) here.

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ACLP Programme Manager said...

Hi Ted, interesting topic, please find some of my thoughts below:

Within Atlas Copco we are doing several things:
- restrict 'courses' to 15 min. max.: only achievable goals are fun...
- introduction of Games (i.e. sales people want to win, we give them the opportunity while learning) and business cartoons (some people will always find this silly, therefore we have also other content and don't overdo)
- we are more and more developing content in house (is learning process for ourselves as well) with Articulate. They do not only provide an easy tool, but have a strong community and a super+easy blog on how to make good content. One of our people was interested in scenarios, they give ideas+tools on how to do it, and it's KISS...
- separation of content and test. If a person knwos a topic, he can proove it without being forced to go through a whole library of repetition.