Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Industry Trends

Where do you feel the eLearning Industry is going in the short term? Long term? How is this going to affect the development of courseware? Is everything going so mobile that all courses are going to be presented on cell phones? Only kidding - I hope!

You get the idea - please post your comments here, including any interesting links.


Laura Jaffrey said...

Hi Ted,
Note: Had to resubmit my post with a shortened link!lol
Current directions for e-learning include imho include:
elearning for SOP training in regulatory environments
FYI, anyone interested in working on this kind of project please contact me through the Courseware Development Group in Facebook as our company is sourcing leads in this area.
Also, can't find link for this, but just-in time video demos for custom enterprise resource planning software such as SAP would be a great area for elearning. There is not enough user-friendly help for these applications!

Will get back to you on more ideas when I can.

graphik1 said...

SAP ERP SW sounds like a great idea! Also I think more and more companies will move away from the PowerPoint slide format and embrace e-Learning modules even more with hands-on job tasks and branched scenarios, and maybe even games like Raptivity offers.

Cheryl McNeil, CEO
Graphik Connexions