Friday, July 4, 2008

Ted's first Moodle course!

To the contributors to, and the readers of, this blog:

When you get a chance, please take a few minutes out of your busy day and take my first course written in the Moodle environment:

How to Write an Interesting Blogspot Post

If you are not a Moodle member already (specifically, if you are not part of Nellie Deutsch's Moodle - thanks, Nellie!!), you can register for free - you will then be directed to the course site above. The Topic Outline (Cover Page) will appear.

Please start with Chapter 1, Introduction - then proceed sequentially, or skip around (especially if you've already proceeded in sequence). When you're ready to test your skills, do the Review Exercise (Chapter 9).

Chapter 10 is the Course Forum - please leave all comments in this forum. "Version 2.0" of this course will depend on the feedback I get.

Thanks in advance for your help!!


ACLP Programme Manager said...

Hi Ted, Just had a look at your course, looks interesting! In how much time did you develop this? I countered one problem, I couldn't start the exercise (chapter 9) tried it via several ways.
Sofie Gielen

Ted Kopp said...

Hi Sofie,

I didn't really keep track of the time, since I did the development as time permitted. I am estimating about 15 hours - this includes creating and testing the course, and making modifications based on student comments I received. The next one should go faster on a per-item (lesson, quiz, etc.) basis since I'm now more familiar with the Moodle environment.

As course author, I can see the participant list - and - I don't see your name. Did you sign in as a guest? Moodle is set up so that only people who enroll can take quizzes (someone else already ran into this problem).

Please enroll - the course is free. You will then be able to do the exercise. Also, the course has a forum (in Chapter 10) - your comments are welcome!

Thanks - Ted

ACLP Programme Manager said...

Hi Ted,
the first one is always the toughest!
I could see myself being logged in, and logged out as I should afterwards. If I find some time, I'll try again.
Br, Sofie