Monday, August 4, 2008

Rosetta Stone and Video Professor

Am I the only one out there who is constantly bombarded with TV ads for Rosetta Stone and Video Professor? Methinks not:
  • Has anyone out there tried either of these products? Like? Dislike? Why?
  • Do you think of either of these as eLearning? If so (or not), what are your reasons?
  • Are you developing, or planning on developing, courseware similar to either of these?
Let's get a lively discussion going here!


sabrina said...

Ted: (response to one of your queries)

I have a Chinese friend who is using Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish, and its working well for her. I took some time to just check out the programme - it is seems to be a really good programme; its interactive, you can listen to the correct pronunciations and well as play back yourself to see how you match up. I have a son who has been teaching himself Japanese and I have been just observing to see how serious he is about it, I intend to get him the Rosetta Stone.


Mark said...

Ted: I haven't used these products, but I am always a little skeptical of "encapsulated" learning tools. While there may be some learners who thrive in these CD-based settings, the content offers little opportunity for heuristics or experience.